progs and tools

some of my programming projects

I started programming in the early 90th, during my time as an architecture student. At that time, architects where switching from the manual drawing board to computer aided design.

AutoCAD - version 10 for DOS to be precise - was the software of choice. But as an universal CAD program, it needed - and still does - some customization to be really usefull. So I learned AutoLISP and scripted my first tools, to make life easier.

Later I developed entire applications for AutoCAD. For example a charting software called MDTrade or my latest project: an office standards software for architects called GHARNATA, named after the qatari firm I was working for.

I did some scripting in other languages as well, such as python or MQL5 language from MetaTrader.

07.2009 / last updated: 09.07.2016