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Adinath temple

26.04.2010 / last updated: 26.11.2010

The Adinath temple

This Jaina temple known after the enshrined image of Adinatha. Originally encompassed all the basic members of a nirandhara temple including Mandapa and the Ardhamandapa, which has since been completely lost. The temple with its extant intact portion of Garbhagriha and Antarala and the modern time plastered masonry of arched doorways and domical ceilings is incongruous with the original structure. Conceived as a Saptratha temple, both in plan and elevation it bears closest kinship with the Vamana Temple. However this temple is more evolved as observed from the elegance of the Sikhara and decoration in Jangha. Compared to those of Vamana. This temple, on stylistic considerations is understood to have been built in the later part of IIth century AD.

[source: archaeological survey of india]