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Kandariya Mahadeva temple

11.04.2010 / last updated: 19.11.2010

The Kandariya Mahadeva temple

The temple built between circa 1025-1050 AD. is the largest and the loftiest monument of Khajuraho dedicated to Lord Shiva. It consists of an entrance porch (Ardha Mandapa), Mandapa (hall), Maha Mandapa (main hall), Antarala (vestibule) and Garbhagriha (sanctum). The sanctum is enclosed by a Pradakshinapatha (ambulatory passage).

Its mature plan and design, its dimensions and symmetrical proportions, its superb sculptural embellishment and architectural elaboration, all mark it out as the most evolved of the central indian building-style and one of the most sublime creations of indian architecture.

The temple has a lofty basement with elegantly ornamented mouldings including friezes of the elephants, horses, warriors and hunters, acrobats and musicians, dancers, devotees and miscellaneous scenes.

The temple is entered through a flight of steps and an elegantly carved Torana decorated with a Kirtim Ukha and a frieze of dancers and musicians. The lintel of the sanctum is represented with a four armed Shiva flanked by Brahma and vishnu on the right and left side respectively.

[source: archaeological survey of india]