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Lakshmana temple

27.04.2010 / last updated: 18.01.2013

The Lakshmana temple

The temple dedicated to Vishnu, is built by chandella ruler Yasovarman between circa 930-950 AD. It is a Sandhara temple of the Panchayatana variety. The entire temple complex stands on a high platform. The temple consists all the principal elements of the developed temple - the entrance porch (Ardha Mandapa), Mandapa, Maha Mandapa, Antarala and Garbhgriha. Unlike other temples, its sanctum is Pancha Ratha on plan and its Sikhara is clustered with fewer minor Sikharas. The wall portion of the temple is studded with balconied windows with ornate balustrades. Two rows of sculptures including divine figures, couples and erotic scenes adorn the wall surfaces. The sanctum doorway is of seven Sakhas, the central one being decorated with various incarnations of Vishnu. The lintel depicts Lakshmi in the centre flanked by Brahma and Vishnu. The sanctum contains an image of four armed Vishnu.

[source: archaeological survey of india]