A charting and trading software on Acad

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This my major software project. From the first attempts to draw charts with AutoCAD to the current version 3.9 of the application it took maybe 12 years.

The available charting programs at that time (and still, I think) didn't offer the functions I thought I needed to analyse a chart properly.

It was at the hight of the hype, that I decided to understand the ups and downs of the stock markets, which seemed to be very random and irrational - and utterly detached from fundamental financial ratios. So a technical chartism approach seemed to be the right choice to make sense of it all.

I wondered then if there is a way to decipher the chart geometry and as an student of architecture, the first thing I wanted to do was to draw some accurate lines... to do so there was no better way then using a CAD program. That's how it all began...

The main difference to conventional charting proprams is, that my software anables to draw not only very accurate trendlines but also charts that respect the none trading days as gaps in the chart depiction, so that the time - price relation is correct.

02.05.2012 / last updated: 25.05.2021