possible, yet not easy

Trading is a very challenging thing. First you think you can do it, no problem! - then you think: 'well, I can learn it' and then you think: 'Damn, it can't be done!'.
My first attempt to trade for a living was in the year 2000, just in time for the burst of the new economy bubble. I had no real clue what I was doing and my account was sinking faster than titanic.
Till then I've been more cautious about risking money in the markets, just bought and hold some stocks or equity funds from time to time.
After spending some years on developing my own charting software (MDTrade), I'm now back into practicing actual trading now with real money.

On this page I keep a record of my live account trades in the forex market as well as a sample of some thoughts about the problems of trading (notes).

Successful trading!

16.01.2013 / last updated: 25.05.2021