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Duladeo temple

26.04.2010 / last updated: 26.11.2010

The Duladeo temple

Dedicated to Shiva, the temple faces east and consists of a sanctum without ambulatory, Vestibule, Mahamandapa and an entrance porch. The Sikhara (tower) is elustered round by three rows of minor Sikharas, its Mahamandapa shows some peculiarities of design and decoration, the Mahamandapa is octagonal, showing twenty Apsaras (supernatural women) brackets, which are elaborately crowned and heavily ornamented. The flying Vidyadharas, Apsaras and other sculptures are generally stereotyped and overburdened with ornamentation and in many cases lacks of relief. Some of the sculptures, such as Ashtavasu figures, which are invariably depicted with a crocodile mount in place of the bull, and the two Dikpal as Yama and Nairiti wear their raised curls in a stylized fan shape are noteworthy.

The original temple can be dated to the early half of the 12th century AD. and it has been extensivly repaired and restored a later date.

[source: archaeological survey of india]