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Visvanatha temple

11.04.2010 / last updated: 19.11.2010

The Visvanatha temple

This temple is among the finest monuments of Khajuraho and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was a Panchayatana shrine but of the four subsidiary shrines. Only two in the northeast and southwest corners have survived. The temple shows all the elements of the developed Khajuraho temples - entrance porch (Ardha Mandapa), Mandapa, Maha Mandapa and sanctum enclosed by an ambulatory.

Architecturally the temple falls between the Lakshmana and Kandariya Mahadeva Temples. The inscriptions of the Mandapa refers to the dedications of two Lingas, one made of emerald and the other of stone in a towering temple of Shiva Marakatesvara built by the chandella king Dhanga in 1002 AD. There is no doubt that the inscription refers to Visvanatha Temple.

[source: archaeological survey of india]